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 Welcome to Imagination


Having a great idea is the easy part, bringing it to reality takes talented and skilled individuals wielding technology to execute the dream.  Even more important is getting the product on time and on budget.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!


We specialize in meeting your creative goals, while controlling costs and managing the time investment to produce high-quality dreams.  This means putting the right people on the job, giving them the tools they need, and carefully managing the workflow, while maintaining a creative and positive environment.


The result is pure magic!


Our Key Services

  • Concepting.
  • Project Management.
  • Design
  • Production
  • Execution.


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Theatrix Productions

Professional event design/management for entertainment, marketing and corporate functions.

Learning Unlimited

Educational and instructional design for academics, vocational training and pure fun.

Om B’s Texas Grub

Feeding a meeting or a mob, Eastern/Western favorites in box lunches or buffet.

Professional Writing

Often your first client interface is written – website, email, brochure, presentation – make sure its your best.


Market research and intelligence, product placement, corporate voicing, and more..

Print & Graphic Design

Turn-key print materials from design to distribution, including banners, brochures and technical manuals.

Our Core Services


Complete lighting, sound, projection, setting, and production design.

Project Management

Turn-key project management, including locations, crewing, talent, and HSE.


Shipping, customs/immigration, venue scouting, load-in/out, and transportation.


Corporate communications, technical, marketing/advertising, creative writing.


Complete on-site meal services with box or buffet for meetings or crowds.


Instructional design, curricula, adult continuing education, and leisure learning.


Questions & Answers

How do I get a 1-tonne car on the 14th floor with no direct access?

You hire a team who do the impossible on a routine basis. Some problems require truly original thinking. We start with the belief that anything can be done, and the rest is execution. In the process, we designed a 3.5-tonne loading system that can get a Broadway musical to the stage in 5 hours or less.

How big is big?

We had a client who was putting on a very important event filled with VIPs, with 200 performers and 35 tonnes of equipment from 18 countries. From visas to forklifts, we got it done on time, on budget and on spec.

What size budgets can you handle?

We’ve done everything from $35 repair jobs to $22 million build-outs, and everything in between. We can subcontract specific functions on larger projects, or handle the entire thing from beginning to end.

Is there anything you haven’t done?

We’ve never launched anything into orbit, and we’ve never done a project at the South Pole. We’ll figure it out, though, if your project requires it.

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